7 Insane Facts About the NFL

7 Insane Facts About the NFL

The popularity of the NFL seems to grow exponentially every year. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just enjoy the excitement and energy surrounding the game, there is something for everyone in regard to American football.

In the context of the ongoing interest in the NFL, we decided to forage the internet for interesting facts pertaining to the league. Have a look at the following seven insane NFL facts we were able to uncover.

#1: First Televised NFL Game Viewership Total

The most-watched NFL Championship game was Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. Over 114 million people tuned in to watch Brady win his fourth championship.

But did you know that the first televised NFL game in 1939 was watched by only 500 people?

#2: Cost of the Lombardi Trophy

The Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the team that wins the Super Bowl, stands 22 inches tall and weighs approximately seven pounds. It costs a pretty penny as well at $25,000. The Super Bowl trophy is made entirely of sterling silver and was first produced by Tiffany & Co. in Newark, New Jersey.

#3: Apollo Creed’s NFL Career

The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Count of Monte Fisto—these are some of Apollo Creed’s most famous nicknames within the Rocky franchise.

But did you know that actor Carl Weathers, who played the iconic loud-mouthed boxer, spent two years playing for the Oakland Raiders in the 1970s?

#4: ‘Drunk’ Broadcast Employee Stumbles Onto the Field

During the 1958 NFL Championship game, an NBC TV cable was accidentally unplugged while fans were going crazy as Johnny Unitas was leading the Colts down the field. An NBC employee sprang into action.

He stumbled upon the field acting drunk in order to delay the game long enough for the network to fix the issue. Talk about a team player!

#5: The Manufacturing of the Wilson Football

Wilson has been the exclusive provider of NFL footballs since 1941, manufacturing 4,000 footballs a day. Each football is made from the hide of cows in the states of Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. Only 10 footballs are produced from a single cowhide and each one contains 16 lace holes but only one lace.

#6: Green Bay Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

If you live in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, you’re more than likely a Packers fan. If not, you should be out of fear for your own safety. The current Packers’ season ticket waiting list has 86,000 people on it.

It’s been reported that only 100 people per year give up their tickets. So, you’ll only have to wait about 950 years to claim your tickets. No big deal.

#7: Georgia Bulldogs Are Actually Copy Cats

Former football head coach for the University of Georgia Vince Dooley liked the Green Bay Packers logo so much that he decided to “borrow” the same look for the Bulldogs helmet. The team used a black “G” with a white oval design in contrast to the Packers’ white “G” inside a green oval.