You Won’t Believe These Stories About NBA ‘Bad Boy’ Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman’s NBA career is actually the least intriguing part of his extraordinary life. Whether it’s visiting North Korea “on behalf” of the United States or dressing up in drag, Rodman lives only for himself with no concern for what others think.
The difference between Rodman and other eccentric professional athletes is the Chicago Bulls forward didn’t leave his antics off the court or out of the locker room. He lived the way he wanted, when he wanted.. Below are just a few of the unbelievable stories involving NBA ‘Bad Boy’ Dennis Roman.

Started Scuffle With Karl Malone to Promote WCW Match

Following the 1998 NBA Finals, Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone and Rodman were scheduled to step into the wrestling ring for a WCW tag team match with Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page.
Rodman allegedly stared a scuffle with Malone during the NBA Championships in order to create an intriguing angle and promote the match — a decision broadcaster Bob Costas thought was “disgusting.”. Malone and Rodman actually got along off the court and considered the other a friend.

Arrived to Practice With a Shotgun

Before signing with the Chicago Bulls, Rodman enjoyed spent seven seasons with the Detroit Pistons and won two NBA Finals. In 1993, Rodman had reportedly learned that his former wife had been romantically involved with a teammate and he considered taking his own life.
According to the story, Rodman brought a shotgun with him to practice, with plans on using it while sitting in his car. He fell asleep listening to Pearl Jam and woke up realizing his time on earth wasn’t over. He wanted to continue living his life.

Despised David Robinson For Being Too Nice

During his brief two-year stint with the San Antonio Spurs, Rodman was supposed to team up with star center David Robinson to become the league’s newest dynamic duo.
Despite the Spurs expectations, the teammates could never get on the same page. Robinson was more of a silent leader, dedicated to his game and winning. Rodman, on the other hand, leaned on his raw skills and never took the game all that seriously.. After departing San Antonio, Rodman admitted that he hated playing with Robinson because of their strikingly different personalities.

Skipped Practice to Attend Wrestling Event

The Last Dance documentary that aired on Netflix in 2020 revealed Rodman’s controversial decision during the 1998 NBA Finals. While the Bulls viewed the Utah Jazz as one of their toughest opponents that year, Rodman wasn’t concerned in the slightest.
Rather than show up for practice, Rodman played hooky and attended WCW Nitro with Hulk Hogan without informing head coach Phil Jackson. His controversial decision didn’t seem to affect his performance. He played very well throughout the best-of-seven- series.

Violent Outbursts on the Court

While Rodman played for five different NBA franchises, most teams were reluctant to sign up for fear he would spend most of his time suspended and out of commission. He had quite the temper and often lost control.
In 1996, Rodman got angry after he was ejected from a game for committing two technical fouls. Rather than walk off the court, he confronted one of the officials and delivered a light headbutt. The league suspended Rodman for six games without pay.. The following year, Rodman lost his temper after falling on top of a cameraman who was sitting courtside behind the basket. He viciously kicked the man in the groin, causing him to pass out.. The NBA suspended Rodman for 11 games and fined him $25,000. He also paid $200,000 directly to the cameraman for physical and equipment damages.