Deion Sanders HC Rumors, US Journalist Detained in Qatar Over Rainbow Shirt

Deion Sanders head coach rumors - US journalist detained in Qatar over rainbow shirt - Female reporter robbed on the air at World Cup in Qatar - Cowboys kicker nails two 60-yard FGs in a row

Deion Sanders head coach rumors

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has reportedly "been in discussions with power-brokers" to potentially fill head-coaching vacancies at Colorado or South Florida, according to Carl Reed of 247Sports, the Bleacher Report reported.

Currently, Sanders is in his third year as head coach of Jackson State, a historically black university, where he has led the team to an 11-0 record this season. Last season, the school went 11-1, and Sanders won the Eddie Robinson award as the top head coach at the FCS level.

US journalist detained in Qatar over rainbow shirt

US journalist Grant Wahl claims he was detained in Qatar for wearing a rainbow shirt and says security told him his shirt was "political." He says it happened during the USA's opening match against Wales. Wall works for CBSSports, as well as writes a popular Substack column, the Guardian reported.

Wahl says he was detained for 25 minutes and told to remove his shirt, that it was not allowed. He said his phone was "forcibly ripped" from his hands by a guard as he tweeted about the incident. He also claims he was asked if he was from the UK. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.

Female reporter robbed on the air at World Cup in Qatar

Dominique Metzger of the Todo Noticias network in Argentina was robbed on live TV in Qatar as she was reporting on the World Cup. Money and documents stolen were from her handbag by fans surrounding her, the Daily Mail reported.

When she reported the theft to the local police, they told her they would look at her video to identify the criminals. She was also told the country has cameras everywhere and they would find the thief.

She says she was shocked when officers asked her to make the decision on what kind of punishment she wanted the criminal to have. "Do you want us to sentence him to five years in prison, to be deported?" She told them she just wanted her wallet back.

Cowboys kicker breaks record with two 60-yard FGs in a row

Just before halftime against the Vikings, Cowboys kicker Brett Maher attempted a 60-yard field goal. He had previously made three field goals from 60 yards or greater in his career, which is the NFL record.

Maher made the 60-yarder, but the officials waved off the kick, announcing they were going to review the previous catch that put the Cowboys within field goal range. The officials ruled that the catch would stand. That forced Maher to try the 60-yard field goal again. Maher nailed the 60-yard kick and broke his own record for the most career field goals from sixty yards or greater, making it four.

No other kicker has more than two career field goals from sixty yards or beyond, CBSSports reported.