5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

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Baltimore Ravens electrifying and talented quarterback Lamar Jackson just earned the first playoff win of his NFL career, defeating the Tennessee Titans 20-13. Jackson’s pinpoint accuracy and elusive speed is the future of the NFL.

From week to week, Jackson dazzles teammates and fans with his athletic ability and leadership skills. While his football prowess is on display for all to see, there are some things about the Heisman Trophy winner that are less known.. Here are five facts you didn’t know about the Raven’s superstar quarterback.

Pasta and Chicken Wings

In celebration of winning the Heisman Trophy at Louisville in 2016, Jackson chowed down on chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. While he was too young to wash it down with an ice-cold beer, he did enjoy the popular fried-duo of meat and cheese.

He also recently revealed his pregame ritual: “Shrimp Alfredo, that’s my meal before the game,” he told CNBC. “They say [pasta] helps your brain. I feel like I go out with a level head and I can think.”. Two cups of this carbo-loaded snack amounts up to 1150 calories and 79 grams of fat. With the way Jackson plays, however, that’s burned off after the first offensive drive.

Manager Mom

Jackson lost his father and grandmother on the same day in 2005 when he was just eight years old. This tragedy allowed him to form an extremely close bond with his mother, Felicia Jones.

During Jackson’s freshman year at Louisville, he was asked to field punts after practice to see if his blazing speed could be used at other positions. Later that night, Jones called Head Coach Bobby Petrino to remind him of his promise to only play Jackson at quarterback.. Jackson went on to represent himself in the 2018 NFL Draft, naming his mother as his manager.

‘Big Truzz’ in Ink

In 2019, Jackson’s teammate running back Mark Ingram gave his quarterback the nickname “Big Truss,” representing the trust Jackson’s team had in his leadership.

Since the name was already trademarked, Jackson altered the spelling, changing the S’s to Z’s to spell out Truzz. He liked the nickname so much he tattooed it across his chest.. Jackson has also filed trademarks for “The Lamar Jackson Experience,” “Era 8 by Lamar Jackson,” and “Not bad for a running back”. His Era 8 Apparel clothing line currently sells sweatshirts with “Not Bad For a Running Back” written on the front.

Hall of Fame Already?

While only in his third year in the NFL, Lamar Jackson is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His purple jersey and black helmet worn during the 2019 NFL season went on display in March 2020 to commemorate his MVP season.

He became the second player in NFL history to win the coveted Most Valuable Player award by a unanimous vote, joining former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Jackson is the youngest player in history to start a playoff game and win league MVP.

Blazing Madden Speed

Not only did Jackson elude the Madden Curse, but EA Sports adjusted the quarterback’s speed in the latest iteration of the popular NFL-licensed video game.

Due to his incredible 2019 performance, Madden upgraded Jackson’s speed attribute from 94 to 96, making him faster than most wide receivers and running backs. The adjustment made Jackson the fastest quarterback in the game’s history, eclipsing his childhood hero, Michael Vick.