Ranking the Best World Cup Uniforms

Everything about the World Cup was designed from the ground up to look awesome. The massive stadiums, the roaring crowds, the colorful banners–it’s all a spectacle. And that’s a good thing, after all!

Soccer is the most popular spectator sport in the world by a wide margin, with millions of people watching from home to see how their national team fares on the world stage.

While plenty of people are discussing which teams are the favorites to go all the way and win the prestigious event, today we’re looking at something a bit more subjective. Let’s break down which teams have the coolest-looking uniforms for this year’s competition!


It’s hard to beat Japan’s home game kit this time around. The stunning blue outfits are strongly inspired by anime and manga, paying homage to Japan’s number one cultural export. These stylish blue uniforms have matching blue socks and striking white shorts that make them extremely eye-catching.

The team’s away outfits are a bit different, sporting white jerseys with red accents. Many fans have noted that the long-sleeved version of this kit is particularly cool looking!


Portugal’s uniforms this time around are stunning. The home kit features the iconic colors of the country’s flag in bold strokes. It sports a modern-looking profile and has a noticeable diagonal stripe separating the red and green portions of the jersey. The green shorts also match neatly with the bottom of the jersey and look great alongside the mostly red socks!

The away outfits are also striking. They feature much more white in their main design and sport a single stripe along the chest with a red-to-green gradient representing the Brave Nation’s flag.


Mexico’s uniforms will take the prize as the best-looking kits on display this time around. The away kit, in particular, is astonishingly well-made. It features a white background with red, stylized illustrations that represent the indigenous people of Mexico. These ancient-style drawings were clearly designed to elicit both national pride and educate people around the world about Mexico’s indigenous people.

The home outfits are also very sharp, sporting an iconic green hue that screams “Mexico.” The angular, striated lines marking the jersey and the bright red piping bring the ensemble together quite nicely. Expect to see quite a few fans buying replicas of these smart-looking jerseys–especially that gorgeous away kit. These outfits would look cool even outside the world of soccer fandom!