Riots in Belgium After Loss to Morocco, Odell Beckham Jr Removed From Flight

Riots in Belgium and Netherlands after loss to Morocco - Odell Beckham Jr removed from flight - Eagles' Jalen Hurts achieves feat no QB has done in last 30 years - Aaron Rodgers leaves game with a rib injury

Riots after Belgium's shocking loss to Morocco

Belgium's shocking 2-0 defeat to Morocco at the World Cup didn't go well at home, as riots broke out in several Belgian cities as well as in the Netherlands on Sunday night. Police had to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowds as some fans allegedly "pelted police with fireworks."

Unruly fans allegedly threw bricks at cars, tipped over vehicles and torched them, and set electric scooters on fire. Several cities saw traffic briefly interrupted, and due to the spreading violence, Brussels shut down streets, Yahoo reported.

Odell Beckham Jr removed from flight, attorney blames overzealous flight attendant

NFL free agent Odell Beckham Jr. was removed from a flight by police in Miami after failing to listen to flight attendants who told him to fasten his seatbelt, Fox reported.

However, Beckham's attorney disputed that account, saying his client had been sleeping and that the incident was the result of an "overzealous flight attendant," ESPN reported.

"At approximately 9:30 a.m., officers from Miami-Dade Police Department, were dispatched to a medical emergency at an American Airlines flight," police said in a statement. "The flight crew was concerned for a passenger (Mr. Odell Beckham), as they tried to wake him to fasten his seat belt, he appeared to be coming in and out of consciousness, prior to their departure. Fearing that Mr. Beckham was seriously ill, and that his condition would worsen through the expected 5-hour flight, the attendants called for police and fire rescue. Upon the officers arrival, the flight crew asked Mr. Beckham several times to exit the aircraft, which he refused."

Eagles' Jalen Hurts achieves feat no QB has done in last 30 years

Jalen Hurts is the first quarterback in the last 30 years to have over 100 yards rushing in a single quarter. Hurts had 102 yards in the first quarter in the Eagles' Sunday night matchup with the Packers, with 52 of those yards occurring on the first drive of the game.

Not only has Hurts set an NFL Mark, but he is on the cusp of breaking the Eagles' rushing record, Fox reported.

Aaron Rodgers leaves game with a rib injury

Aaron Rodgers came into Sunday night's game against the Eagles already playing through a broken thumb. Rodgers was then sacked in the third quarter and left the game with a rib injury. However, Rodgers plans to play next week if the injury checks out, Fox reported.

"As long as I check out fine tomorrow, I’ll expect to play this weekend," Rodgers told reporters after the game. "I might not be able to go Wednesday, but as long as there’s no major structural damage, I’ll go back out there."

"Just having a hard time breathing and rotating my upper body," Rodgers added. "I was worried about a punctured lung as well, so wanted to get that checked out."

Luckily, there was no lung injury, but the initial tests couldn't definitively show of his ribs were broken. Rodgers will have additional tests on Monday.