The Most Powerful Sports Media Personalities

Chris Berman in black suit and bow tie
YouTube / The Walter Camp Football Foundation

While many fans follow professional sports because of the athletic ability of the players, there’s another factor that contributes to the excitement of watching the world’s best athletes the media personalities.

There’s nothing better than listening to the voice of your favorite broadcaster or the impassioned opinion of a show host or sports podcaster. Some of the greatest plays in professional sports would be so anticlimactic if it weren’t for the electrifying play-by-play or cheeky commentary.

From television programs and live broadcasts to sports podcasts and radio shows, media personalities make competitions so much more meaningful and thrilling.

As a tribute to this enthralling profession, we’ve put together a list of the top 40 most powerful media personalities in sports. Press the button below to get started and find out if your favorite sports persona made our list!