Who’s Number 1? Check Out the Wealthiest Quarterbacks in NFL History

Drew Brees_Saints
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While baseball is considered our country’s national pastime, football is without question the most popular sport in America. The NFL alone raked in roughly $15.3 billion in revenue last year. Combine this figure with the cash that NCAA football brings in and one can easily see how dominant the sport is in the United States.

In order for NFL franchises to draw fans to the stadium and in front of the TV, they must put together a competitive team that people will want to watch. This can’t happen without a solid quarterback under center. And of course, money is the greatest incentive to boost a player’s performance.

Quarterbacks are the highest-paid position in the NFL. While most earn their paycheck on the field, some of the richest quarterbacks in league history continue earning money after they retire.

The following is a list of 30 of the wealthiest quarterbacks according to their net worth. While some QBs have recently signed lucrative contracts, not all that money is guaranteed. It also doesn’t take into account any debt or assets they might have.