These 5 Quotes From NFL Players Will Make You Die From Laughter

These 5 Quotes From NFL Players Will Make You Die From Laughter

NFL players are often known for trash talking and saying things to intimate their opponent. But let’s be honest, most of the time it’s an act. Professional athletes are capable of expressing an array of emotions including sadness and laughter.

With the increase of players being “mic’d up” during games, fans have been able to see the “lighter” side of professional football players. In fact, a lot of NFL players are quite hilarious. The following five NFL quotes will make you die from laughter. We promise!

#1: Matt Millen – Los Angeles Raiders

Just before the Raiders and Redskins faced each other in Super Bowl XVIII, Washington lineman Joe Jacoby commented that he would run over his mother if it meant he could win an NFL Championship.

When reporters asked Raiders’ linebacker Matt Millen what he thought of Jacoby’s comment he replied, “To win, I’d run over Joe’s mom, too.” The Raiders would go on to win the Super Bowl while Joe’s mom went unharmed.

#2: Drew Brees – San Diego Chargers

Early in Drew Brees’ career when he was the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, a fan threw a water bottle at him after his team defeated the Raiders in overtime, 27-21.

Brees, who apparently wasn’t phased by the incident, decided to turn it into a joke while also poking fun at the Raiders’ performance that day. “It might have been the hardest hit I took all day,” Brees said with a smile.

#3: Mike Ditka – Chicago Bears

When asked about hot-tempered quarterback Jim McMahon’s condition after undergoing shoulder surgery, Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka got cute with his response.

Knowing that his QB was a little erratic, Ditka replied, “The shoulder surgery was a success [but] the lobotomy failed.”

#4: E.J. Holub – Kansas City Chiefs

E.J. Holub spent 10 seasons in the AFL and NFL with the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs from 1961-1970. His career was riddled with knee injuries, which required 11 different surgeries (six on the left and five on the right) as a player.

When chatting about his medical history, Holub tried to look at things optimistically saying, “My knees look like they lost a knife fight with a midget.”

#5: Thomas Henderson – Dallas Cowboys

In an attempt to rattle Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw before Super Bowl XIII, Dallas Cowboys’ Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson took a jab at Bradshaw’s intelligence.

“He couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the C and the T,” Henderson said. Bradshaw and the Steelers got the last laugh, however, winning the Super Bowl 35-31.