3 Reasons Why The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Could Upset the Kansas City Chiefs

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Super Bowl LV is just a few days away, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.
The game is, in all likelihood, going to be a great one. Not only will two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time be going head-to-head, but both teams seem to be evenly matched. While the Chiefs have dominated the entire season, the Bucs seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now.. However, Tampa Bay will enter the game as the underdog. They are a wildcard team after all, and the Kansas City Chiefs seem to be unbeatable, but there’s no question they can win. Here are three reasons why the Bucs could definitely upset the Chiefs this weekend.

Tom Brady. That’s it. That’s the whole point.
No, in all seriousness, why would you ever bet against Tom Brady? This guy has played in nine Super Bowls (soon to be 10) and has won six of them. He’s won Super Bowls when his team has been behind, he’s won Super Bowls when his team has been ahead, and he’s won Super Bowls when his team hasn’t been playing well.. Bottom line — this guy knows how to win.. The Chiefs managed to win last year’s Super Bowl thanks to some late-game heroics from Patrick Mahomes and because San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garappolo just couldn’t get it done. But the Chiefs aren’t going against Garappolo this year, they’re going against the GOAT.. Sure, you can bet against the Buccaneers, but I don’t know if I’d bet against Brady.

There’s a case to be made that the only reason the Bucs are even in the Super Bowl is because of their defense. Yes, Tom Brady’s amazing, but the Bucs were able to beat the Green Bay Packers and win the NFC Championship because their defense completely stopped Aaron Rodgers.
In order for the Bucs to beat the Chiefs, their defense is going to have to do the same thing to Patrick Mahomes. While it may be harder to stop Mahomes, the Chiefs will be playing with a fairly inexperienced offensive line.. If the defense can step up and make a few big plays, the Bucs have every chance in the world to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

Believe it or not, but the Buccaneers will be the first team to ever play at home in the Super Bowl. Tampa was selected as the Super Bowl location a long time ago, so it’s purely coincidental, but it is a benefit for the Bucs. Though the stadium will be roughly half full due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there will certainly be plenty of Chiefs fans, the Bucs will be in familiar territory. They know that field like the back of their hand, they’re familiar with the locker rooms, and they don’t have to worry about traveling.
This may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s the little things that make the difference between winning championships and losing championships.